Age: 26
Height/weight: 6-4/202 pounds
Born: 9/1/1986 Gaffney, SC
Resides: Seattle, WA
College: South Carolina
Drafted: Second round (44th overall) in 2007 by Minnesota Vikings
NFL Experience: 7th year
NFL Stats: 2012: Seahawks - Caught 50 passes for 748 yards (50 yards / catch) with seven TDs. Had a long of 42 yards TD catch; 2011: Seahawks - Caught 32 passes for 484 yards (15.1 yards / catch) with two TDs. Had a long of 52 yards TD catch; 2010: Vikings - Caught 17 passes for 280 yards (16.5 yards / catch) with two TDs; 2009: Vikings - started 14 of 16 games. Caught 83 passes for 1,312 yards (15.8 yards / catch) with eight TDs; 2008: Vikings - Started 3 of 13 games. Caught 15 passes for 141 yards (9.4 yards/catch) with four TDs. In 1 postseason game caught 2 passes for 27 yards; 2007: Vikings - 31 catches for 396 yards (12.8 yards/catch) and four TDs. Started 4 of 13 games. Had a 60-yard TD catch vs. the Giants on 11/25/2007.
College accolades: First Team All-SEC in 2005. SEC All-Rookie team, 2005. Second Team All-SEC in 2006. Holds Gamecocks season records with 1,143 yards and 13 TDs, set in 2005.
Family: Mom, Ida Coleman. Two older brothers, Jarvis Rice and Tremell Austin.

Wackiest prank?
We had some rookies a couple years ago who decided they wanted to be jerks when they brought us food for our away game. Instead of getting us burgers from the restaurant we wanted, they went and got boxes from that restaurant and put Whopper Juniors in all of them. A couple had just buns, no meat. So we threw their clothes in the hot tub, then left them outside when it was about 0 degrees and they froze instantly.

King Rice & Squid

I have around 27 of them. My favorite is a Jesus face with clouds around it and three cherubs above it. It’s on my upper right arm.

Best DB I’ve faced:
Johnathan Joseph

Best offensive player I’ve played with:
Adrian Peterson.

My best play (so far):
I’d say my first touchdown. It was a pretty intense game against Green Bay my rookie year, we were down by about 11 points. That got us closer, although we still lost.

Closest friends in football:
Percey Harvin and Adrian Peterson.

Favorite foods:
Hot wings and shrimp

Favorite movies:
I like a lot of movies, too many to pick a favorite.

What’s in your iPod?
I listen to Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock, Electronic but my all-time favorite is Bob Marley.

I do a lot of things by numbers. Like when a clock says 4:56, when the numbers are in a row like that, I make a wish or something. But if it’s like 3:33, I don’t do it because that’s half of 666.

Best qualities for a person to have:
A person should have a great attitude, personality and should know how to carry himself in the right manner.

Charitable endeavors:
I’m going to be starting up soon with a children’s hospital. The first time I visited one was when I played in the Shrine Bowl, North Carolina vs. South Carolina. We went to a burn center and I got to see the kids and really got attached.

My hero is:
Jesus Christ.